Our Privacy Policy

SwanHildur On-line Privacy Policy provides information regarding accuracy, access, security and how to manage visitors, suppliers and client information collected from its Website(s).

SwanHildur Website mission
The mission of the SwanHildur Website is to furnish visitors, suppliers and clients with the most current product and company information and present it in a manner that best befits their needs. SwanHildur website may be accessed by all Internet users on a 24/7 basis.

SwanHildur Website is the most precise source of information on SwanHildur and its products/services. Inquiries referring to the accuracy of information on SwanHildur Website may be directed to the webmaster.

Handling of personal information
SwanHildur requests information from visitors, suppliers and clients if they choose to subscribe to email lists, apply for jobs, place orders or if they choose to respond to advertising, promotions, sweepstakes or contests. This personal information is necessary in order for SwanHildur to fulfil the visitor's, client's or supplier's request.

This information may also be utilised by SwanHildur to contact or update the visitor, supplier or client with periodic SwanHildur publications, product details or other special announcements.SwanHildur does allow other reputable companies to offer special services or products of value to the visitor, supplier or client. The visitor, supplier or client may un-subscribe at any time by directing their request to swanhildur@btinternet.com. In the case of email, only visitors, suppliers or clients who have agreed to receive E-mail updates are included on E-mail lists and directions on how to "un-subscribe" from further solicitations is included in every such email they receive from SwanHildur.

SwanHildur Website management uses IP addresses to diagnose Webserver problems and to administrate SwanHildur Website. Cookies may be used to store visitor, supplier or client variables such as keeping track of various on-line databases (job databases) and/or the inventory of an on-line shopping cart, limiting repeated exposure to the same ads or bypassing login prompts by "remembering" passwords across sessions.

SwanHildur not interested in minors
SwanHildur has no wish to collect information from those below the age of 18. In the case where such information were collected it would be purely accidental and unintentional.SwanHildur encourages parents to discuss the Internet with their children and supervise personal information that a child may provide via the Internet.

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